Old and new collide in Castlevania III

You might remember Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse being released in Europe on Halloween, which was quite obviously a perfect date. Strangely enough it just didn't get released in the US for over 2 months, but now it's finally here!

Konami obviously realized Castlevania II wasn't really that popular because of its massive change in gameplay - As a result Castlevania III plays a lot like the original game, featuring straight-up platforming action. Of course there are also some welcome additions, such as being able to play as other characters, and being able to choose which levels you want to play (There are multiple routes through the game). Because of the game's sheer size it is quite easily the best of the NES Castlevania trilogy. The game was also never rereleased in any way until this VC release!

On WiiWare today you can grab two somewhat interesting new games - Jungle Speed, a party game, and Planet Pachinko, which despite the name, is a platformer/action game!