An unusual hero

It's now been announced that yet another Newgrounds game is taking the step to consoles. Meat Boy, created by Edmund McMillen, will be brought to WiiWare under the ever so slightly longer name Super Meat Boy. If you're not familiar with the original game you can play it on Newgrounds here, but be warned, while it starts deceptively easy it gets frustratingly hard very fast!

Check out the press release for more details:

Are you a fan of small cubes of animated meat?

Do you enjoy the sound of buzz saws?

When you hear the term "wall jump" do you get excited?

Well, what if you woke up to find you were made of a lump of juicy raw meat, your girlfriend was made of band-aids and to top it all off she had been kidnapped by a fetus in a jar wearing a suit and monocle? Would that be totally awesome? or just kinda awesome?

Well I'm hoping you chose totally awesome, because that's basically the premise of Super Meat Boy.

In Super Meat Boy you take the role of a small animated cube of meat on his quest to save his lady love Band-Aid girl from the clutches of the evil Dr. Fetus! Sliding his way through saw mills, salt factories and even hell itself, Meat boy jumps into action in this fast paced and extremely challenging platformer that will "melt your face off".

Super Meat Boy is based off the popular flash game Meat Boy hosted by

Super Meat Boy will be completely remade from the ground up for its release on Wiiware™ and will feature over 100+ single player levels, insane boss fights, competitive vs modes, beefy co-op play and a slew of unlockables that are rumored to fill your life with great happiness!

SMB (best abbreviation ever) is being designed by Gish co-creator Edmund McMillen, Tommy Refenes and "Big" Jon McEntee.

We will be documenting Meat Boy's rebirth for Wiiware on our development blog via so feel free to pop in and tell us all your lame ideas we will never use!

Thanks for the support! and keep indie gaming alive!

-Team Meat