We enjoyed the strategic gameplay and awarded it a respectable 7/10. If you haven’t yet checked it out, why not do so today?

The guys at Riverman have revealed some exclusive new details about their next game, which thankfully isn’t another puzzler. We’re thinking it sounds like original Mario Bros arcade game, with the addition of being able to control a Star Wars-like force power with the Wii Remote pointer. Check out the untitled game's synopsis for yourselves to draw your own conclusions:

RiverMan Media's next WiiWare project is an arena-based 2D platform game in which a family of telekinetic siblings defend their hometown against monsters. Standard platform mechanics are enhanced by allowing the player to control their telekinetic powers using the Wii Remote's pointer. Players can throw objects, build defensive walls, trap enemies, levitate themselves, flip switches, and grab items, all by using the power of their minds! The game features fast, cooperative, four-player action, a variety of game modes, and lots of unlockable content. The game will use RiverMan's new proprietary animation system, DMorph, for limitlessly smooth 2D animation, and Box2D, the physics system used in Crayon Physics.

This concept has been approved by Nintendo and development is well underway. Expect to see some screenshots soon when they are ready for public consumption.

In other Riverman news, the guys have just done fascinating a post-mortem with Gamasutra about the journey of developing and publishing MadStone. It is a long feature, but well worth a read. On page 3 WiiWare World even gets a namecheck, mostly due to the demented ramblings of regular comment board contributor AlexSays.

Do let us know what you think about the revelation of Riverman’s next WiiWare game and the MadStone post-mortem. No doubt Jacob will answer any questions you might have.