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  • US 6th Oct 2008, 800 points
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Wii Remote
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MadStone Screenshot
MadStone Screenshot
MadStone Screenshot
MadStone Screenshot
MadStone Screenshot


  • Review MadStone (WiiWare)

    Is WiiWare collapsing under an avalanche of 'falling block' games?

    If there’s one thing you can learn by looking at the current WiiWare release list it’s that the Wii certainly has no shortage of quick and casual puzzle games. Some might say that there are too many, but can we ever have too much of a good thing? Madstone is, literally, another...

About The Game

MadStone is a dynamic, tension-filled puzzle game with an earth-shaking twist! In a landscape filled with crumbling ruins, you use the Wii Remote to smash through rubble and release the power of ancient magical spirits. As you gain in power, you can literally shake the earth itself, unleashing vast amounts of energy and leaving your opponent in ruins.

In MadStone, you clear through towers of stone in order to collect the magical elements, called SkySigns, that are trapped within. The goal is to get your SkySigns (moons in the screenshots) to the bottom of the screen, where they are collected in your mana pool. Collect enough, and you can execute a super move that causes an avalanche of destruction!