Monkey madness!

Some might write this game off as a World of Goo clone as it is a construction themed puzzler too, but at a closer look it probably isn’t that similar. The idea is you have to get a group of five monkeys to a safe place by building bridges of bamboo, vines, and coconuts. The tricky part is the bridges sag and break under the weight of five monkeys crossing it. Not only do you have to get the monkeys from one place to another; you have to get them to grab the bananas hanging in various high spots, such as over lava pits. There is also a two player cooperative mode.

A version of this game has already been released on mobile platforms and the iPhone version will be released on the 15th December we are told. For more information check out the official website or watch the video below to help you decide if you will be asking Santa for this game for Christmas.