Shooting down big bosses in Metal Slug 2

Metal Slug 2 basically just builds on the standard set by the original Metal Slug. If you like rock-hard shooting/platforming action this is the game for you! This time, there's four characters to play as, more weapons, more "Slugs" to ride, more enemies, and even transformations! Sadly, it must be said that Metal Slug X, which was originally released not too long after, was basically a remake of this game - And it basically only improved on it, meaning it might be best to wait for X to hit the Wii Shop!

Forgotten Worlds is a shoot 'em up for the Mega Drive. It was a great game in the arcades due to the fact it used two joysticks - One to control your character, and one to control an armed sphere rotating around your character - But obviously, the Mega Drive doesn't have two joysticks, meaning the control is more than a little awkward. It's not a bad game by any means, but there are much better shooters on VC.

Space Invaders: The Original Game is a bit like Super Mario All-Stars - It includes five games in one package. Unfortunately though, all of those games are exactly the same except with different colours - It's basically a collection of Space Invaders ports from various systems with no additions whatsoever! Let's be honest here - Who hasn't played Space Invaders? It was a classic in its time, but it just feels dated now. We recommend checking out Space Invaders Get Even on WiiWare instead, as it's a whole new, fresh take on the series.

Sadly, Secret of Mana and Mario Golf are still missing in action! Maybe in two weeks?