Watch out for Fisty!

Our review will be ready a little later today as we want to try out the WiiWare specific features such as the 4 player co-op and of course how the game controls with the Wii Remote instead of a mouse. We recommend that only the most cautious of our readers wait for the review however, you can safely buy this at 9am Pacific time without hesitation. For 1500 Wii points ($15) you can’t go wrong, this is even more of a bargain when you consider that the PC version costs $20 and is single player.

You might be interested in the interview with 2D Boy we did back in August also.

Phew, after all that gushing, there is also the second game in the Art Style series for WiiWare. This time it is the turn of Art Style: Cubello which would appear to be a brand new game not a bit Generations remake. We had originally thought it might be Coloris but it seems to be quite different from what we can tell now. For 600 Wii points you can probably safely take a chance on this, but if you are in doubt you might want to wait a day or so for our review.

It’s been a phenomenal update on WiiWare today, but the fun doesn’t stop there. On the Virtual Console gamers are treated to the sublime Super Nintendo RPG Secret of Mana. What more do we need to say? The Sega Genesis is not neglected either with Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition which some claim is a better port of the arcade classic than the Super Nintendo versions!

I hope you bought a big stash of Wii points over the weekend because you are going to need them!