3-player RPG action in Secret of Mana

Aside from Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana is one of Square's most highly regarded games. While it's not readily apparent, the game is actually a sequel to Final Fantasy Adventure on the Game Boy (Which secretly really isn't a Final Fantasy game). It's not a standard RPG like most Square games - Instead it's an Action RPG. This means there's no actual "battles" (You just attack your opponent on the overworld). Another unusual thing is that you can play the game with 2 or 3 players! Of course everything else you normally expect in RPGs is still there - Spells, items, experience, stats and more. Secret of Mana was followed by lots of sequels - It's still going strong today.

Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition is yet another version of Capcom's Street Fighter II. This is basically just Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting for the Genesis/Mega Drive with some minor changes - Unless you really like the slightly different control, graphics or music, this is pretty pointless.

Nintendo seems to be stepping up their game in the USA! What wonders will await next week? On WiiWare today, you can download two excellent games as well - The already highly-acclaimed World of Goo and the second in the Art Style series, Art Style: Cubello.