Tee up with Mario and friends!

You can finally stop complaining about the lack of recent Nintendo 64 releases - Mario Golf will be released in the US later today. Before you haphazardly download it you should take note - Unlike later Mario sports games, such as the GameCube versions of Mario Golf and Tennis, there's not a whole lot of Mario elements present in this game. It's basically just a normal game of golf, but with Mario characters. It's still a very good golf game, but if you were hoping for a more unique representation of the sport you should look elsewhere! Another thing to note is that the game could originally be linked with the Game Boy Color version to unlock additional characters - This can obviously not be done in the VC version, meaning the extra characters are not available.

Today's other game was released in Europe on Friday - No, it's not Earthworm Jim, but rather Sega's strategy/RPG classic, Shining Force II. If you liked the first game (Which was added to the VC about a year ago), or if you enjoy games like Fire Emblem or Advance Wars, this should be right up your alley. It doesn't do much different from the original, but improves on pretty much everything there already was, basically meaning that Sega stuck to the formula of not changing what works well.

In the wacky world of WiiWare, today you will be able to download GameLoft's Midnight Bowling and Riverman Media's interesting puzzler MadStone. If you downloaded Capcom's Mega Man 9 (If you didn't: Why!?) you can also download two downloadable content packs today.