Tetris Party will hit the WiiWare service later today, which is good news for those who want to get in a little early practice for the tournament. Below is the official statement as well as a link to the official Tetris Party Tournament website.

Tetris Party Tournament

On December 1, 2008, the first of four separate Tetris Party Tournaments will begin. The first tournament will be composed of 4 individual rounds with each round featuring a different game mode from Tetris Party. At the end of each round, participants will receive a tournament ranking and special code to register here at TetrisParty.com.

Complete details, prize information and tournament rules will be available for review when the tournament begins. Be sure to bookmark this website for future reference.

We don't yet know what the prizes will be, but we'll have more information on the tournament as it becomes available. We'll also have a full review of Tetris Party as soon as it becomes available on the WiiWare service.