Yes friends, Mart Racer is the game you have been waiting for! Here are more details from the guys at Joju Games:

Mart Racer is an upcoming game for WiiWare. Compete against your friends to see who gets all the items in their list and runs to the cashiers before anyone else does. Play with up to 4 friends locally, or online through Wi-Fi Connection.

You can play the game alone, or with 3 other people. There will always be 4 contestants; AI will fill the the spot for the rest of the players. The premise is pretty simple: everybody gets a list of 6 items they should collect, and run to the cashiers before anyone else does. The 6 items are spread around the supermarket, but they only re-spawn every 1 minute. So after the first few seconds you either need to decide to wait until the items re-spawn (that would be the bad strategy), or decide to steal items from others (that would be the good strategy).

So one thing you could do is to grab plungers and throw them to your opponents. If you hit somebody, they'll be knocked out for a few seconds, and that's when you can run to their card and automatically steal an item from them. There are 6 different power-ups you can use in the game. Some of them are for attacking other people, and some others are to protect yourself from their attacks.

In Wi-Fi Connection, you can play against up to 4 people online. We support Friend Codes too, so you can get together with your buddies.

OK perhaps the game concept doesn’t quite resonate with our refined tendencies here at WiiWare World, but we don’t write off any game until we have played it. For a small developer we are mighty impressed that they have implemented multiplayer Wi-Fi support so perhaps we should give this game our attention.

Mart Racer is due sometime before the end of 2008. Check out the official trailer: