Cheer up mate!

The silence has finally been broken as this month’s Nintendo Power features some exclusive info about LIT as detailed below. Our contact at WayForward (of Contra 4 DS fame) told us we would start to see more information about the game such as screenshots and videos trickling out to the Internet by the end of the month.

But what about Shantae? It seems from what WayForward have told us that it won’t be coming out anytime soon, despite the wishful thinking of the Shantae fanbase! Let’s only hope that successful retro sequels of Mega Man can inspire more confidence that a Shantae remake would be worthwhile.

Here's the info which we know so far from Nintendo Power:

  • Expected to be finished by the end of the year
  • Jake and Rachael are the only survivors in their shadowy creature-infested school, only in contact by cell phone
  • 30 levels
  • Move around with nunchuk analog
  • Use light sources to make a path through the dark towards the exit
  • Switch from top-down to over-the-shoulder perspective
  • Restrictions on the amount of electricity you can use before a fuse is blown
  • Five puzzle-oriented boss battles against corrupted school staff
  • Use IR to point slingshots, throwing motion for cherry bombs, shake to charge batteries
  • Remote speaker acts as cell phone; conversations influence the ending
  • Additional difficulty level, play as Rachael after beating the game

Source: NeoGAF