Nintendo DSi

This is why we now introduce you to Nintendo DSi as the new member to Nintendo DS platform.

For Nintendo DSi, naturally, we have added a number of new functions. Also, we have made some enhancements on the existing DS by listening to our consumers voices. I will explain about the latter point first.

First of all, so we can further improve the portable aspect that you can bring DS anywhere with you, we were challenged to make it as thin as possible without sacrificing its durability. As the result, DSi is 2.6mm or about 12% thinner than DS Lite. As the consequence of this effort, we have removed the slot for GameBoy Advance software. Even after the launch of Nintendo DSi, we will continue the sale of DS Lite as long as consumer demand continues. We will continue offering Nintendo DS Lite for those who enjoy playing GameBoy Advance software as well.

Girls like them aswell


  • Bigger screens
  • Longer stylus
  • SD Card slot
  • Dual camera, one mounted on the hinge, one on the front plate.
  • Digital audio player (.aac only, no MP3 support)
  • GBA Slot removed
  • 12% thinner
  • Improved Wi-Fi connection, better support for WEP.
  • Internal memory for storing software channels / tools.

Along with the new hardware Nintendo are launching some new software for the DSi, it will have a similar interface to Nintendo Wii where the user has a number of "Channels" available from start up, these channels are software which are stored on the device and can range from simple tools to games and even the DS Browser.

DSi vs DS Lite

The DS will get an online "DS Shop" similar to WiiWare where new software and games can be downloaded, users will get the DS Browser for free which should be much faster and always available. Addtionally there will be software for the two Cameras dubbed "DSi Camera" for now which allows you to manipulate photos, draw on them, distort them etc... it also features face recognition technology for some other cool effects. Similarly there is a tool for the "DSi Sound" which allows the user to manipulate audio in a verity of ways.

Finally the "Moving Notepad" software allows you to write little memos, draw pictures and even create animations using your memos, photos and audio from the other applications.

Nintendo's DS Shop will also feature "pay for" software which slot into 3 categories, DSiWare200 designed for very compact tools and games, DSiWare500 for simple puzzle games and tools and DSiWare Premium for the more advanced games and tools starting at 800 points and above.

Nintendo also will include 1000 free points until March 2010 with every new purchase of a DSi console.

To be honest, we're pretty happy about this.. apart from a number of these features should of been included in the DS Lite model, for example the fact that the DS Browser is not built in renders it somewhat useless. Good work Nintendo and make sure you keep the stock levels healthy this time.

What's in da box?

Our only major concern about this new model (no not the hinges) is that we'll probably have a similar "memory" related issue with the DSWare downloads.

No news of any "Virtual Console" for the DSi, but it surely makes sense for Nintendo to open up the VAST library of GB, GBA titles for the DSi, makes sense right?

The Nintendo DSi will launch in two colours: Matte White and Matte Black. The suggested retail price of Nintendo DSi is 18,900yen (~£100). It will launch it on November 1 2008 in Japan.

As for the non-Japanese markets, this new product will be launched in 2009, and details shall be announced by local markets later.