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World of Goo has been one of the most heavily-anticipated WiiWare titles since it was first announced. 2-D Boy has just released a news item on their official web site stating that the PC version of the game has just gone gold and will likely see a release during the first week of November. What's great about this news is that they have also said that the WiiWare version will likely be available even sooner than the PC release, meaning we will likely see the WiiWare version sometime in October. Here's a portion of the news release from their web site:

World of Goo has gone gold! I can hardly believe it, but we just submitted a PC gold master to our North American retail partner. Keep an eye out for this box around the first week of November. The WiiWare and online releases will likely happen sooner… stay tuned!

We’re putting the final touches on the WiiWare version and expect to submit it to Nintendo for approval this month.

It would seem that the WiiWare release of World of Goo isn't as far off as we originally thought. This is good news for gamers who are anxiously awaiting this highly-anticipated title.

As usual, we'll have more information on World of Goo as it becomes available. And don't forget to check WiiWare World's exclusive interview with World of Goo creator 2-D Boy.

Source: 2-D Boy