Super Mario RPG has some of the greatest SNES visuals.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars has been anticipated for a long time - It was listed on the ESRB (For the Wii) and later removed, causing many to wonder if it would ever come out. With Square Enix's previously lackluster support of the VC, things were looking extra grim, but anybody who had any doubts SMRPG would come out in the US can now finally rest easy knowing that this timeless RPG classic is finally out today. Co-developed by Square and Nintendo, Super Mario RPG is the most RPG-like of all the Mario RPGs, featuring a large variety of different stats, weapons, spells, equipment, items, party members, enemies and other RPG mainstays. On top of the great gameplay, the game has one of the greatest Mario soundtracks of all time - A treat for anybody's ears. Contrary to the ordering of this news article, Nintendo of America calls this the 250th VC game in the US.

Clu Clu Land is not really a surprise, yet at the same time, it actually is one. It's one of the last remaining non-import, Nintendo-developed NES games eligible for VC - All that's really left to release now is Golf, Pro Wrestling and StarTropics II. We didn't expect it to be released together with another Nintendo game though! In the game you play as Bubbles, a red, round creature you might know from a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee, as she swings around posts in order to find hidden gold bars, which, when all uncovered, form a picture of something. Obviously, there are enemies to avoid as well!

Hopefully this will quiet down complainers for a while - We suspect it won't be long before they start demanding the release of something else, though!

On WiiWare, this week you can pick up My Aquarium, Hudson Soft's realistic fish tank sim. You know where to go!