My Aquarium proves to be extremely popular!

We are checking the list for the USA region, so if you live elsewhere your list will probably be a lot different. Feel free to post your findings below as always.

Remember the list below is a measure of sales made recently, not the total time the game has been on sale.

Here is the list for 10th September:

1 (6) - My Aquarium
2 (1) - Strong Bad Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner
3 (3) - Defend your Castle
4 (2) - My Pokémon Ranch
5 (4) - Dr Mario Online Rx
6 (5) - Wild West Guns
7 (9) - Helix
8 (7) - Frat Party Games - Pong Toss
9 (10) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
10 (11) - TV Show King
11 (8) - Midnight Pool
12 (12) - LostWinds
13 (13) - Family Table Tennis
14 (14) - Cocoto Fishing Master
15 (15) - Gyrostarr
16 (16) - V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack
17 (19) - SPOGS Racing
18 (18) - Pirates - The Key of Dreams
19 (17) - Block Breaker Deluxe
20 (20) - Magnetica Twist

It’s been quite a surprising week as My Aquarium amazingly managed to knock Strong Bad Ep1 off the top spot! A great result for Hudson.

TV Show King is still holding firm in the top 10, interesting GameLoft confirms to us this week that they are soon to be releasing a sequel called TV Show King Party, this will be a full blown Wii retail game however, not for WiiWare.

SPOGS Racing should be all rights have been banished this week, but instead it has moved from 19th place to 17th! What is that all about? Even more strange is the total lack of an entry this week by Groovin’ Blocks ! C’mon surely enough people bought it since Monday to get it on the charts, maybe someone at Nintendo HQ forgot to push a button this week or something!

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