Tetris Party is set to debut in Japan in October 2008 and will cost 1200 Wii Points. The Japanese site also mentions a few new aspects of the game including the Easy Mode in which the blocks are large and the playing field is small. This is geared towards very young children or people who are not familiar with how Tetris is played.

The site also mentions more on using the Wii Fit Balance Board to play the game. You basically move the Tetris blocks across the playing field by shifting your weight right or left. You can also cause the blocks to drop down by leaning forward or backward on the board. Judging from the illustrations on the Japanese site, it would seem that the Wii Balance Board version of the game closely resembles the simplified look of the Easy Mode with the larger blocks and smaller playing field.

There are quite a number of various playing modes to choose from, with up to 6-player support during online play. There will also be a world rankings board for keeping track of the world's best Tetris players. Tetris Party is looking to be another strong release in the popular puzzle series and is quickly becoming one of the most hotly-anticipated WiiWare titles out there.

We'll have more information on Tetris Party as it becomes available, along with a full review when the game hits the WiiWare service.