Crazy shooter fun in Star Parodier

If you're at all familiar with Konami's Gradius series, you should know that it eventually got a Japan/Europe-exclusive wacky spin-off series, called Parodius. Star Parodier is Hudson's answer to that, as it is a wacky version of the Star Soldier series. Instead of the more serious style of Star Soldier, Star Parodier features very colourful graphics, cute enemies, and the ability to play as Bomberman or a PC Engine (The Japanese TurboGrafx-16 system), alongside the Paroceaser (The Star Soldier ship). Accompanying the great graphics and gameplay is a CD soundtrack which has some catchy tunes. It doesn't matter if you're great or terrible at shoot 'em ups, this game comes recommended either way!

Break In is less remarkable. The game is basically just billiards, with no special features or crazy additions. If you're looking for a realistic billiards game then this is probably all you need, as it includes a variety of real game modes and realistic physics, but otherwise, you'll probably get bored quite quickly. If you're looking for a more out of this world pool game we suggest Lunar Pool for the NES.

That's all on VC this week - At least Hudson was correct this time! Now, when will we see Ys Book I & II? On WiiWare this week, you get the long-awaited Homestar Ruiner, episode 1 of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. The review will be up on WiiWare World later as usual, but having played the press version already I can guarantee that Strong Bad fans will absolutely love it.