America - Meet Samson and Adon from Cho Aniki!

The US can look forward to sampling the delights of two import shooters - Cho Aniki, a wonderfully wacky game and the first in a series which has only gotten stranger and stranger over the years, and Final Soldier, the last remaining TurboGrafx-16 installment of the Star Soldier series (But not the last in the series, obviously!). Cho Aniki's US release is very surprising as Americans generally don't like overly weird Japanese stuff - What will players think of the game!?

Europe's upcoming September releases are less surprising, as the US just got them - Chase H.Q. is a port of a popular arcade racer, and Ys Book I & II includes remakes of two games in one package, creating one of the greatest RPGs of all time. Certainly something to look forward to!

The US releases have not been given a specific September date, but both EU games have - Both of them are coming out next week!