Worry not readers, Medaverse just had their Alpha Night and it seems all is well in Gravitronix land:

Tonight was our first REAL alpha test of Gravitronix, the one where we sat down and were forced to determine the answer to that one terrifying question: is it FUN?

Thankfully, the answer is now clear to us, and it's a resounding yes.

I was holding off on discussing any of the gameplay mechanics we've been implementing because I couldn't be certain if any number of my ideas would pan out, but everything seems to have come together rather nicely with the basic gameplay.

From here on in, we'll be tweaking, balancing and integrating some of the more advanced techniques into the gameplay.

Still, it's a huge milestone for us and for Gravitronix and a big step on the way to its eventual release.

It’s good to hear things are still on track with the development at least. Medaverse seem like an indie studio with heart. Watch this space for any new developments in this mysterious WiiWare game.

Source: The Medablog