Super Fantasy Zone is the last game in the Fantasy Zone series. It is quite similar to the original Fantasy Zone, which is also on VC, meaning you can fly both left and right, unlike most shoot 'em ups, there's a shop to buy upgrades, and, of course, the game is full of colourful graphics once again (This time of course even better because it's a 16-bit system). Strangely enough, the game was released in Europe originally, but the US never got it, so it'll run you 900 Wii Points instead of the usual 800 for a Genesis game.

The other import shooter today is fairly famous - Gley Lancer not only has a strange title (Which is obviously meant to be Grey Lancer) but is one of the most sought-after Mega Drive/Genesis games in existance, being released only in Japan and being very rare. It can reach high prices on eBay, but now you can download it for just 900 Wii Points. It is a relatively normal shooter, but it has a few unique traits which make it highly enjoyable to play.

We can only wonder what happened to the two TurboGrafx-16 games! There was another scheduled for July (Chase H.Q.), so maybe you'll get all three next week? Only time will tell!

On WiiWare, today you will be able to download Pirates: The Key of Dreams, released in Europe last Friday. I personally deemed it worthy of a rather mediocre 5/10, but of course it's always possible you will enjoy it more than me. Check out WiiWare World for more info.