A (small) Photo Channel

Our friends at WiiWare World posted about the new service and what it allows you to do:

  • A print of a single photo
  • An entire album full of photos (The album comes in two designs - Either standard black or white, or a version decorated with Mario characters!)
  • Business cards featuring your Mii

Once you make an order you will have to pay with your credit card, it appears to be impossible to use Wii Points. Once you've paid, Nintendo will receive the order and work together with Fuji Film to print the photos, which they will then ship to you.

Whilst this service has only been launched in Japan, a recent US Wii Software Update suggests that they might be working with a similar service in America and possibly Europe.

July 22, 2008 - Photo Channel 1.1-a
An update was made available for the Wii console which provides behind-the-scenes support for a new service that has been released only in Japan.

Clearly this is only rumour and only time will tell if Nintendo decide to support the service outside of Japan

[source wiiware-world.com]