Two games for the price of one - Ys Book I & II!

The US will start off by getting Chase H.Q. next week. This was the last listed game for July, and with the other two games scheduled for the month suffering a completely sudden delay, it was all that remained!

On August 11th, you will finally get the "missing" games - Star Parodier and Break In. But the big treat comes later in the month!

On an unspecified day in August you will get Ys Book I & II, which is really what a lot of TurboGrafx-16 fans have been looking forward to ever since it got ESRB and OFLC rated last year. The "game" is actually two games in one, consisting of the first two games in the Ys series, naturally with upgraded visuals and sound. It is really something that any RPG fan should be looking forward to!

If you live in Europe then there is still one small thing that might interest you - The PEGI has now rated the C64 game Jumpman, which is obviously inspired by Donkey Kong, and quite entertaining.