The Darwin Controller

Now, Motus Corporation has created their own version of the Wiimote control, dubbed The Darwin, and they're preparing to release it towards the end of the year for use with the Xbox 360, the PS3, and the PC. According to Motus, the Darwin will offer better control than the Wiimote because of a more advanced application of accelerometers and added gyroscope navigation.

It's been rumoured for a long time that Microsoft are working on a motion-sensing controller, we can say with almost certainty that this is not it, this is a 3rd party attempt at a solution. Microsoft have been very hush hush over the subject and still claim they won't be announcing one at next week's E3 show.

Clearly these comments have fallen on deaf ears as the majority of the industry still expects Microsoft to announce something on Monday at their media briefing.

Motus will be showing off their controller soon, and currently is estimated to cost around $100 each.