Details from the site :

  • Customize your tank from scratch, including the glass, the scenery, the lighting, and the type of fishes that will populate it.
  • You can choose among 40 species of fishes, and create 6 different tanks
  • No advanced technical knowledge required, as there is no disctinction between freshwater fishes and sea fishes, or no need to regulate precisely the water temperature.
  • Fish species have different tastes in food.
  • You can observe a particular fish under every angle
  • Using the Wiimote, you can knock at the tank and see the fishes congregate to interact with you
  • Using the Aqua Center, you can learn more details about each species, including detailled history and picture books
  • An aquarium's owner can set a special date ("Memorial Day") which the fishes will commemorate by doing a kind of special celebration dance.
  • You can send your aquarium to a registered friend (who already own the sofware), and also send greetings on your friends Memorial Day.
  • Due out in Japan for June 24th, 500 points.

Whilst I am sure that Blue Oasis will interest some of our readers, it all sounds a bit fishy to me!

In other Hudson news, Tetris has now been renamed as Tetris Party, and is delayed until later in the year. It was supposed to be coming out in July for Japan originally.

Check out the trailer here: