Fancy pill popping with Dr Mario?

After a week of claim, counter-claim, conjecture and idle speculation (all of which was fuelled by Nintendo’s unhelpfully vague press releases), we now know that six (count ‘em) titles are available to PAL gamers.

The list in full is as follows:

That’s one hell of a line-up if we do say so ourselves, and only the most stubborn Wii owner will fail to find something to their liking. The sublime LostWinds is our pick of the bunch – our fingers are firmly crossed that this wonderful game is an indication of the quality of things to come in the world of WiiWare. Final Fantasy: My Life As A King is yet another highly rated pick.

Our Toki Tori review will be ready in the next day or so, but from what we can tell this will be a safe bet for a day one download if you are a fan of cute platformers.

Who could resist Dr. Mario & Germ Buster? With it's online play and furious additive gameplay how can you go wrong here? If you are not convinced then just wait for our WiiWare World review coming soon.

For those who missed it, Corbie's Star Soldier R review just went live. If you are a shoot-em-up fan this might interest you.

So there you have it – another exciting chapter in the colourful life of the Wii is opened. But what are your thoughts on this launch? As always, be sure to let us know by leaving a comment or two below.