With the US WiiWare launch fading into memory, it’s the turn of European gamers to start getting excited about upcoming downloadable content. WiiWare hits the ‘old world’ on 20th May, and surprisingly European Wii owners will be getting eight games instead of the six that arrived on North American shores.

LostWinds and Final Fantasy CC: My Life As A King are undoubtedly two of the big draws, but Europe is also getting the highly anticipated Dr Mario & The Germ Buster (also known as Dr Mario Online RX) and Star Soldier R.

Other titles of interest are Toki Tori and Pirates: The Key of Dreams, both of which have not been announced for US release as yet. The final two games Europe will get are already out in the US: TV Show King and Pop.

However, Defend Your Castle and VIP Casino: Blackjack are both absent from the list.

Pricing hasn’t been confirmed as yet but it would be wise to expect similar values to those seen at the Japanese and US launches of the service.

The complete Euro lineup is shown below in the 'Related Games' section.

UPDATE: It seems there's been a bit of confusion about this WiiWare launch list. Nintendo has now stated that eight games WILL NOT be available from the 20th May, and that some vague wording in the original press release is to blame. What they were actually trying to say is that FROM the 20th of May onwards, these games will be released.


The company has yet to confirm which games will be available, but it's obviously going to be some from this list of eight. Keep your eyes on the site and when we know, you'll know.