Samurai Shodown - Unique and awesome!

The top pick this week is Samurai Shodown. Instead of making yet another generic modern-day fighter with special moves, like fireballs and such, they decided to make Samurai Shodown, which does pretty much all of those things differently. It's set in the past, you use swords instead of your body and the special moves are far more interesting. The graphics and music are also unlike those of any other fighter, obviously being very Japanese. If you were to get one Neo Geo fighter only, we would recommend it to be a game from the Samurai Shodown series!

Today's other new Neo Geo game is only mildly interesting - Burning Fight was SNK's attempt to cash in on games like Final Fight and Streets of Rage. There's only one thing wrong with it - It's not very good at all! If anything, it might be worth downloading to see what SNK's attempt at a beat 'em up was like, but you'd be much better off getting either aforementioned game (Or Streets of Rage's two sequels).

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The last new game today is thankfully, like Samurai Shodown, also quite good. Pokemon Puzzle League was released in the US last month, but was unable to be released here for a while due to the ongoing second Hanabi Festival. Now that that's over, it has been released! If you're familiar with Panel de Pon or Tetris Attack - This is the same game, with more options, and a Pokemon makeover. The game has some actual movies which look like they're straight out of the popular anime, which was quite a feat for the N64, really.

The Nintendo Channel Finally Comes to Europe today too. Happy days!