The New Site

Wii Picross is a top ranking destination for curious and dedicated logic art puzzlers alike, with over 1.3 million puzzles already served in a wide variety of difficulties. Continuing with Quest Engine's friendly, 'free to play', 'user driven content' approach, you can now become a Wii Picross member and create a user profile that tracks all of the puzzles you play, fave, and design. You can watch your achievements stack up and share all of your picross creations with the convenience of a single link.

A new competitive element has been added to the site in the shape of Picross Points. These are earned in a variety of ways as you play and design puzzles, and they define your position on three live, global rankings: Player, Designer, and an Ultimate leaderboard.

Gamercards are generated around the clock too, so those fighting their way up the ranks can display their position with pride wherever they go.

You may remember we pointed you towards this site last year, well they've been busy upgrading the site and adding lots of new and interesting features, take a look and remember to bookmark!