Blow your mind in a Fantasy Zone!

As a new console is arguably more important, we'll list the Master System's games first - Fantasy Zone is a rather colourful shooter from Sega themselves. The game is unique in that you can fly both left and right at any time you wish, there is no autoscrolling. The game has quite a cult following and was later followed by some sequels, one of which is also comng to VC.

We're not so enthusiastic about Wonder Boy. It's a good game, but it was eventually reworked and rereleased on the NES as Adventure Island, which, surprise surprise, is already on VC. If you waited with buying that, however, then now you can buy the original game, if you prefer. There's not much differences between the two.

The Commodore 64's also got two new games, both of them also cult classics. Impossible Mission was recently rereleased on the DS and Wii, but this original version holds a place in the heart of many people. Aside from the addictive gameplay if featured some neat digitized spoken lines - The most well-known one being, of course, "Stay a while... Stay forever!"

California Games is a collection of sports that are generally considered popular in California, such as skateboarding and surfing. It's arguably the nicest-looking game for the system released on VC so far, as its graphics come very close to NES quality. The game is also quite loved by many.

Four new games in one week? Surely Nintendo's gone insane, what with Mario Kart Wii being out today!