The excellent River City Ransom

Much to the annoyance of North American VC fans the rather excellent River City Ransom came out in February in Europe (aka Street Gangs) and had the nerve to not make an appearance on the US Wii Shop the following Monday. All this is rectified now however so you can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy this tasty beat ‘em up with some clever RPGish elements to it.

Who can discuss beat ‘em ups without fond memories of Double Dragon? OK so the NES version is not much like the arcade and lacks the 2 player option. It isn’t half bad and there will be a few interested parties we are sure.

On the last of the 3 Mondays the US VC will get Renegade. This beat ‘em up predates even Double Dragon in the arcades! We’re going to be honest and say we are not big fans of this game. It was OK for its time but the gameplay is a bit uninspiring by today’s standards unlike stable mate River City Ransom which is a bit more timeless than this.

These games may not float everyone's boat by at least it is nice to know what’s coming soon on the Virtual Console for the next few weeks!

Source: IGN