This Is The "Newton". The Microsoft Dev Team Even Forgot To Change The Logo. Oh Noez.

We broke the news that Microsoft are developing their own "Wii Remote" yesterday. Seemingly following on from the media frenzy that such "leaked" information caused in the gaming stratosphere Microsoft's hot-bods have decided to leak some more information to the Seattle Post Intelligencer just to keep the news fresh in everyones mind.

So here I am - speculating and helping their viral campaign.

According to the Seattle Post a "Microsoft Insider" has announced the development name for the product is the "Newton":

"This is not to be confused with the defunct Apple Newton PDA, this is just and internal name, when this controller comes to market it will have a retail name.

The hardware is still being worked on and it might be a couple months before we see leaked shots of prototypes when they start to mass manufacture it but I am sure that there is an early software developer kit and prototype out there."

We reckon "money-grabbing-cash-in-on-Nintendo's-success" would be an appropriate name for the product.

"The Newton is also going to use an LED sensor bar that can be powered by the USB ports on the 360, it is going to have an LED sensor on the front accelerometer and gyroscope sensor that can detect tilt and motion, rumble motors, wireless two way data communication with the 360, a built in Microphone for Xbox Live and voice-activated games."

Sound a bit like the Wii Remote? I thought so too.

To be fair, with Rare developing one of the first titles to showcase the technology and with the benefit of hindsight (a.k.a. ample time to note all the faults with the Wii Remote and correct them) this product could be very successful.

That doesn't defeat the point that this is what it is - and whether it's a Nintendo website or an XBOX website reporting it - we can't deny the fact that this is an out-and-out attempt at stealing back some of Nintendo's audience.

If you can't beat them - copy them right?

We await an E3 announcement.