Here's a little video of the channel with some random button pressing and Mii character dragging for anyone that is at all interested:

Given the Japanese-ness of the action we have no idea what's going on and presumably neither does the creator of this video. All the same we are told the Wii TV Channel has the following features:

  • TV remote syncing (meaning you can change channel with your Wiimote).
  • When you select a program from the guide the TV will jump straight to the channel selected. Pressing "Home" will take you back to the Wii.
  • TV bookmarks can be shared with friends too.

To be fair it does sound quite cool but we're not sure how well it will all work and we guess that it won't be compatible with all TV's. All the same it's looking fairly useful just now.


We'll keep you posted.

[source cubed3.com]