Wonder Boy - Master System goodness

For those not in the know about the Master System you can read up on the system in Damo’s hardware focus. Basically it was the 8-bit forerunner to the Sega Genesis and a direct rival to the NES. Whilst Sega didn’t have too much success in cracking the American market at the time the console enjoyed decent sales in Europe, particularly in the UK. Later in its lifespan Brazil adopted it as its gaming platform of choice and many new games were created!

It is quite fitting that the first Master System game to be released on the VC is Wonder Boy as along with Alex Kidd in the early days Tom-Tom was used as a mascot for Sega. If you are familiar with Adventure Island on the NES you will know what you are getting here as they are practically the same game. Sega did a press release last week saying that Master System games would cost 400 points in North America, however Nintendo’s own press release states that Wonder Boy will cost 500 points so we are not sure who is correct for now. At either price point you can’t go too far wrong with this.

America will also be getting a new N64 game this week! Unfortunately it is the lacklustre Cruis’n USA. It was substandard back in the days and time hasn’t done it any favours. The sequel Cruis'n World was quite a lot better so it may be worth waiting to see if it comes out as we can’t recommend this in all honesty.

Do me a favour, plug me into a Sega!

Note: These games will not be available in the North American Wii Shop Channel until 9 a.m. Pacific time on Mon 31st March.