Albert Wesker: Epitome Of Cool.

Capcom have announced today that their on-the-rails shooter, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (8/10) has shipped a million copies worldwide. Umbrella Chronicles is the second game in the series to top a million units with Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition (10/10) gaining the same status in just 5 months.

Given the success of these two titles alone it's any wonder that Capcom have stepped back a little on their decision to not release Resident Evil 0 on the Wii in America or Europe.

Chris Kramer, head of Capcom US public relations stated on his blog:

"We are watching the progress on the game, and if it ends up blowing up huge like RE4 Wii did, we'll evaluate the possibility of bringing it over here and flipping the lingo sos that y'all can read it."

So it's not a definite no to Resident Evil 0 yet. However if worst comes to the worst - there are plenty of copies of the GameCube version on eBay.

We'll keep you posted.