Gemma, the 'celeb' in question

She may have her 'knockers' but former HollyOaks star Gemma Atkinson maintains she enjoys a good session on the Wii just as much as anyone else.

The busty starlet – who is arguably more famous for posing in her underwear than her acting skills – will be present at the upcoming Live at Wembly Stadium.

Gemma, 23, insists she's a bit handy with the old Wiimote, but expressed concern that her breasts always seem to get in the way:

I have to wear TWO bras when I go running at the gym so I'd love to design a range of sports bras for big-breasted women, something sexy not plain. It'd definitely be handy for strapping them in when jumping up and down with the controllers.

Gemma Atkinson talking about boobs? An amazingly unlikely event, I'm sure you will agree. is due to take place on the 15th and 16th of March, and given the fact that it's open to the public and showcases celebs like Gemma, we'll be trying to be as far away from the ghastly event as humanly possible.