When I First Saw This I Thought It Might Have Been A Dreamcast With Paper On It.

From eBay.co.uk

Many years ago in a deserted Japanese airfield there lived 10 Nintendo scientists. Their job? To create a fun, entertaining next generation console - they succeeded.

Unfortunetly for them they all had to be vapourised - this was so no other competitor could find out the secrets of the Wii™

The survivour as can be seen here is the prototype - several people have given their lives for this to available on eBay...

Anyway, to cut to the chase the prototype is a one of a kind Wii™ - just check out the specifications of this beast!

Unfortunetly I've not been able to get it to work, there seems to be some code which will be needed to unlock the console. The console also comes with a unique Aqua Cool water bottle cooler which sits on top of the console to keep it cool.

Without further a do onto the specifications;


  • CPU: AMD Opteron™ Quad core processor as used in Cray™ Super Computers - beat that XBox360. 100GFlops peak performance when running Wii™ Sports in 64-bit mode. PCB layout and data bus management design by Cray™ "nothing to see here" Secret mission labs
  • GPU: Agnus 8371 Chip (as used in the Commodore Amiga range of Home computers)


  • 16 Tb main memory (28.5Gb per sec)
  • 512k chip RAM for Agnus Co-processor

Ports and peripheral capabilities:

  • Up to four Sega Saturn controllers (connected via a cable)
  • Ear & Mic connectors for tape player
  • Sensor Bar port for detection of anyone coming within 5m of Nintendo Wii™ prototype - automatically vaporises intruders
  • Accessory port on bottom of Wii Remote which can also control your TV and VCR
  • Wireless Free
  • Barmcake slot for toasting breaded goods - well the heat from the processor has to be useful for something, right?

Built-in content ratings systems:

  • This is the prototype so is free of this


  • Everything is just shoved into memory because there is so much of it - blinking fast.
  • Slot-loading disc drive compatible with 8 cm Nintendo GameCube Game Disc and 12 cm Wii Optical Disc for historians
  • Audio Cassette option


  • standard 4:3
  • RGB, composite via A520 Commodore Video module or S-video
  • Zorro 3 Slot for NewTek Video Toaster 4000


  • Main: Stereo
  • Controller: Paula

Power consumption:

  • All of your town watts when switched on
  • A few streets worth of watts in standby

Collection only on this item. Mario is after me.

The item didn't sell but I'm sure if you email the seller he might let you pick up this rare piece of hardware for a low price.

[source cgi.ebay.co.uk]