Butlins For Paedo's

Alongside being able to play Super Mario Galaxy the collection of foreign murderers, paedophiles and rapists also have access to:

  • Giant plasma TVs;
  • A music room with expensive gear;
  • Cash rewards for playing football.

What's more - all the luxuries are paid for by you - the tax payer.

Mark Wallace, of the Taxpayers’ Alliance, said: “It’s a disgrace. Taxpayers are funding a lavish lifestyle for people who should not even be in this country.”

According to what one (unnamed) Senior Official told The Sun newspaper:

“There are plasma TVs in some cells – and 48in ones in the communal areas.

“Some detainees have Nintendo Wiis. If the consoles go wrong staff are sent to the nearest Argos to pick up a replacement.

“The music room has guitars and a drum kit. And there are £5 prizes for the winners of five-a-side tournaments.

“Many law-abiding people wouldn’t be able to afford the same perks."

[source thesun.co.uk]