Pit in his NES glory days

We’ve only just had confirmation that Factor 5 is once again working with Nintendo and the first rumours regarding the company’s next project have already begun to flood the net.

According to news site Kombo, a ‘credible source’ has broken the news that Kid Icarus is the franchise Factor 5 will be turning its attention to:

Nintendo and ex-Nintendo developer Factor 5 might have temporarily broken up, giving the developer just enough time to develop and release its dragon-themed shooter exclusively on Sony's PlayStation 3, but last week, news hit the Internet that the two companies are once again working together. According to reports last week, Factor 5 is developing an exclusive game for Nintendo's latest home console, Wii.

Kombo has learned from a credible source that said Wii game is in fact a new installment in Nintendo's cherished Kid Icarus franchise. According to sources, Factor 5's Kid Icarus title is being developed ground-up for Wii. It will not use one of the developer's previous GameCube graphics engines. Unfortunately, at this time, no other details have been provided to us for publish.

It has been over twenty years since the gaming world was first introduced to Kid Icarus, with the original releasing in 1986 for NES. The 2D sidescroller is uniquely its own, but its design enjoys recognizable influences from three of Nintendo's biggest franchises: Mario, Metroid and Zelda.

Kombo has fired off e-mails to Nintendo and Factor 5 for comment on this rumor. Until we have more to report, please consider this story just that: a rumor.

Pit’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl has sparked off some excited chatter about a new Kid Icarus game, so this isn’t as unlikely as it might sound. But is Factor 5 the studio to pull it off?

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