Where can I find the exit?

Some interesting developments are happening in the Magic Kingdom. In a recent post on a Disneyland fan website (we don’t make a habit of visiting these places, honest), a recent vistor to Walt’s Wacky Wonderland reveals that they were asked if they would like to participate in a trial run of the park’s new guide system. Amazingly, it makes use of Nintendo’s DS hardware.

Known as 'The Magical Connection', this innovative idea uses what would appear to be a GPS-enabled cart to transform the DS from games console to interactive tour guide. It cleverly shows your location within the park, the whereabouts of local facilities (handy for when you’ve ingested too much Disney endorsed junk food) and even gives information on the myriad of mildly annoying characters within the Disney universe.

While we’re not so keen on the whole ‘Disney’ thing, this is undeniably cool. The potential here is enormous and if the trial is successful you can bet your bottom dollar that other tourist attractions will start to look at portable videogame consoles in a different light.

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They already have a similar system in Japan, where you can buy DS carts that are basically interactive guidebooks, so perhaps this is just the next level for that concept?

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