How could someone so pretty tell lies?

You might have seen Nintendo's Brain Training adverts, in which well-known celebrities like Patrick Stewart and Nicole Kidman gleefully promote the software like it’s a one-stop miracle solution to being a bumbling thickie.

"I have quickly found that training my brain [with Nintendo's Dr Kawashima's Brain Training computer game] is a great way to keep my mind feeling young" exclaims Kidman, no doubt aided in her controversial viewpoint by the massive sacks of cash Nintendo paid her.

Well, these very same advertisements have annoyed boffins worldwide, who claim the promotion is misleading. Cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Jason Braithwaite from the University of Birmingham had these harsh words to say:

There is no conclusive evidence showing that the continued use of these devices is linked to any measurable and general improvements in cognition.

Not wanting to point out the obvious but anyone who honestly believes playing a Nintendo DS game can make you smarter is incredibly naive, but here at NintendoLife we nevertheless find the Brain Training series to be an interesting prospect. You’re no more likely to feel any smarter than you would after completing a particularly difficult crossword, but anything that keeps the old grey matter ticking over is fine by us.

So lay off Kidman, science guys!