If you ever wanted to beat the brains out of a caveman, ninja, scientist, cop, cyborg boxer, or others, now you can!

Hot on the heels of Eternal Champions for pick of the week is Zanac. You might be thinking - "A NES shoot 'em up? Aren't all of those average at best?" For the most part, yeah, they are. But Zanac's a surprisingly great game by, who else, Compile, who have made some other incredibly good shoot 'em ups such as Aleste and Blazing Lazers (Also on VC). While the graphics are nothing too special, the game features an interesting mechanic where the game gets easier or harder depending on how you're playing. It's also got a pretty good soundtrack for it's time.

Less interesting is today's final release, The Dynastic Hero. It's basically Wonder Boy in Monster World (Which, surprise surprise, is already on VC) with a different soundtrack and some other minor edits. If you've got Wonder Boy already, there is absolutely no point in downloading it unless you want to play through again with a different soundtrack really badly. If you don't, decide for yourself if you want Wonder Boy music or CD-quality music which sounds way different (It's not the same songs with CD quality by the way, they are totally different).

All together that's 12 stars out of 15, not too shabby if I say so myself.