There, there. Stop those tears.

A few days ago we reported on the news that long suffering PAL Wii owners had wanted to hear since the machine hit European stores: Nintendo had at long last given us the chance to trade our (generally useless) Stars/VIP points for Wii points! The result? Nintendo's new-look site promptly collapsed under the rush of gamers hoping to cash in and get downloading those lovely Virtual Console games.

Sadly, things appear to be turning sour. Early reports weren't good, with Nintendo enforcing a strict policy of 'one Wii points card per customer per day', but it's gotten worse. It seems that the Big N is actually rationing these cards, and unsurprisingly they're selling out faster than they're being restocked.

Now call us stupid, but we assumed that Wii points are in fact a 'virtual' commodity, therefore there should be a limitless amount on the Nintendo shop at all times. Why Nintendo is choosing to distribute the points in this manner is anyone's guess, but here at NintendoLife we think it's more than a little cruel, especially when downtrodden PAL gamers have been forced to wait this long for something even remotely interesting to spend their pitiful Stars/VIP points on.

If you want to view the carnage for yourself, check out the Nintendo site here. But be warned, it isn't pretty.