Nintendo's 350,000 Wii systems represent the highest one-week U.S. sales total outside of its launch week one year ago. Wii has been dubbed the must-have gift of the 2007 holiday season and has been placed at the top of numerous gift lists. Nintendo has repeatedly increased its shipments and its fiscal-year sales forecast for Wii in an attempt to meet soaring demand. Wii reached 5 million sold in the United States faster than any video game system in history, after only 12 months of availability there.

It's not only Wii driving Nintendo's sales in the US, the DS Lite has now surpassed the previous record set by the GBA.

Nintendo DS set a new all-time sales record for Thanksgiving week, eclipsing the previous mark of 600,000 Game Boy® Advance systems sold during the same period in the United States in 2005. Nintendo DS remains on track to be the top-selling video game system of 2007.

Nintendo will probably welcome the current economic bite in the US, tough times forcing consumers to re-think their budget and opt for a cheaper system.. something that plays straight into the warm, welcome hands of Nintendo.

Obviously a larger amount of units have been supplied to the US when compared to the UK, which also looks like a region Nintendo will do well this holiday season, reports of Wii being sold out are still flooding in every single day.