Wii: It's Like Printing Money

The success of the Wii has helped Nintendo to double its profit in the six months to the end of September. Demand for the console has outstripped that for Sony's Playstation 3 and Microsoft's XBox 360 - selling about 7.3 million units.

The Japanese firm made a net profit of 132.4bn yen ($1.16bn; £506m) from 54.4bn yen a year earlier. Popularity of the handheld DS also helped, with Nintendo selling about 13.4 million of the consoles.

It's quite the remarkable turn around for Nintendo, I still think people in the industry don't realise how popular the Wii has become around the world. Going from the 3rd place in the previous generation to 1st place in the "next" generation is still quite a remarkable feet. Congratulations Nintendo - but please expand those first party development teams!

[source news.bbc.co.uk]