Alien Soldier - Treasure's next VC game!

The top pick is Treasure's awesome run 'n gun game for the Mega Drive, Alien Soldier. It's a bit like the also available Gunstar Heroes, but ever so slightly slower paced, with less cannon fodder and more boss fights. Treasure delivers the goods once again!

Unfortunately, the second Mega Drive game this week isn't so great. Sonic 3D is one of the worst Sonic games made (Even when matched up to some of the more lackluster 3D Sonic games recently), and many consider it the first game where Sonic games started losing their quality. Avoid unless you're a hardcore Sonic fan!

Things aren't so good for this week's Turbografx pick either. Samurai Ghost has a good concept - Unfortunately, the actual game is extremely bland and uninspired. The game also seems to go on for an eternity, making you constantly wonder when (Or rather, hope) it'll end. Avoid.

Taking the spot of a third Sega game this week is the Neo Geo's Art of Fighting. You guessed it: It's a fighter. Unfortunately, of all the early Neo Geo fighters, it's among the worst. It's got fairly simple gameplay, and, unlike the other fighters by SNK, moves rather slow, instead of being a fast-paced, fun game.

Alien Soldier is the single bright light this week. Get it and quickly forget about the rest!