THQ Making The Next Mario?!

Okay so this actually happened last month, but we've only just noticed. It's quite an interesting move by both parties, here's the details:

Video-game software publisher THQ Inc. said Wednesday it has signed a license agreement with Nintendo last week that will allow it to continue to use the Japanese company's intellectual property to develop and sell games for the Wii console. As part of the deal, Nintendo has the right to approve each game, including the game's packaging and marketing materials. The confidential license agreement is valid until October 2009, THQ said in a regulatory filing. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Surprising from Nintendo's point of view, THQ aren't the company they used to be but still have the track record of misfiring on quite a few of its titles. Perhaps the partnership with Nintendo will raise the standards. No games have yet been announced but you can expect to hear more over the next few months.