X-OOM Media Centre for Wii will turn your Nintendo Wii into your own multimedia centre allowing you to watch movies, listen to music and view digital photos by streaming files directly from your PC onto the Wii using Wi-Fi.

Rather than watching your favourite movie clips & downloads on PC, simply use X-OOM Media Centre for Wii to direct all your files straight into your living room and watch in comfort at your television using the Nintendo Wii.

With its clear, accessible structure, the X-OOM Media Centre for Wii is an easy way to view the hundreds of multimedia files stored on your PC, meaning you can access and play your favourite music simply and easily through your TV.

Showcase your latest photographs live on TV in your lounge. Use the Wii’s wireless remote control to browse and select your favourite files on PC to show friends & family at Christmas or family gatherings.

Due to the Nintendo Wii’s built-in Wi-Fi connection, there is no need to rely on cumbersome memory cards, CDs or cables in order to transfer data from one system to another. The software allows you to transfer all of your media files at the click of a button, giving you the option to store movies, music and photographs on your PC but access them in your living room.

X-OOM Media Centre for Wii will also provide access to 1000s of Web TV channels and radio stations.

Network connection through WLAN or LAN. Supports MP3, WMA, OGG, DivX, XviD, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, WMV, JPG, BMP.

The X-OOM Media Center for Wii is set for release in November and will retail for £29.99.

[source x-oom.com]