Limited Supply

At the Wii launch we all had problems obtaining the motion-sensing console which left desperate parents paying over the odds trying to get their loved ones a shiny new Wii. Unfortunately, it looks like to be more of the same towards the end of this year. In an interview with Mercury News Reggie Fils-Aime answered questions about the Wii supply.

The good news is we're flowing more and more product in to the marketplace and the amount of Wii hardware that will be in North American stores will be unprecedented, substantially more than the launch substantially more than has been seen today.
The bad news is that given the level of demand and given the more we put in the more we sell it is still going to difficult to get you hands on the Wii.

With the massive new sales figures we reported last week and set to rise, the continuation and mass producing of the console will prove vital in keeping Nintendo's momentum going.
Reggie believes that Wii will only be available in shops for a few hours before they sell out this coming holiday period. So get there early.

The interview also confirmed what we had thought, the Wii will not see a price reduction in line with the other two next-generation consoles. With the Wii selling so well and already at a low price a reduction will not on the cards until their success changes.

An Analyst at Financial Times has estimated that Nintendo profit around £6.5 in Japan, £24 in the US and £37 in Europe per console sold. Making the Wii the only machine to not lose their company money on each unit sold. With around 11 millions consoles sold Nintendo are not scraping the bottom of their pockets, unlike Sony who are not expected to start making money on each PS3 sold until at least 2009.

For you Reggie-lovers out there, he likes Brain Age 2, Wii Sports and Bioshock and loves how the PSP is struggling and isn't overly impressed with some titles on the PS3.

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