The "Wedock"

Our friends at sent us a sample of their "Wedock" product, yes we think they're aware of the abnormal spelling. Wii thought we'd do the right thing and tell you guys about it. So what is it? Wedock is a "storage solution" for your Wiimotes and Nunchuck, it holds two pairs and the Wiimote slots are spring loaded for easy, speedy access.

"The Wedock is compact, innovative and beautiful and the perfect way to store your Nintendo Wii remotes and Nunchuks. No more searching behind cushions or under your couch! No more treading on them accidentally, or watching your pet dog treat them as if they are a bone!"

We'll have to be brutally honest here, at the end of the day Wedock is just a nice, shiny, white box. Infact it's something that might only appeal to the more "Apple" users that float around the gaming community.

The Wedock is one of many Wiimote/Nunchuck holders that are already available and pales in comparison to the almighty Nyko Wii Party Station.

Wedock is available in the UK via Tintisha priced £14.99.